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Ten reasons for Costa Rica to have the award of Best Destination

Costa Rica was awarded as the Best Destination on Central and South America by the Travel Weekly readers for the tenth time!

Winners, chosen by Travel Weekly readers for excellence in product and service during the past year, were announced in 74 categories in the airline, car, hospitality, rail, GDS, agent education, tour, cruise, destination and theme park sectors.
The nominees and winners are elected among two voting rounds in the total circulation of Travel Weekly, composed by travel agents and tour operators. This popular and recognized awards are annually given to the travel industry providers that have been outstanding in leadership, products and services.
In terms of Destinations, Costa Rica got, for the tenth time, the award for the Best Destination of Central and South America, over giants like Argentina, Peru or México.
Now… What makes Costa Rica to be such a great destination for so many people?
Manuel Antonio Sunset
Manuel Antonio Sunset
 1- It is small: You can go across, from one ocean to the other in six hours, literally speaking.
2. It is diverse: In very little time you get to see very different landscapes.

3.Wildlife: This is a place in the neo-tropics, where you can actually see a lot of animals, monkeys, sloths and an abundance of birds.
Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkey

4. Hotels: We have some of the best hotel chains and boutique hotels in the continent. Luxurious and full of activities, Costa Rica is prepared for the pickiest of travelers. 
5. Entertainment: Costa Rica has available great entertainers due to its excellent education system, it is quite easy to find first-rate musicians, dancers, body painters, etc.
6.English is spoken: Even though Spanish is the mother tongue of Costa Ricans, the government has done a remarkable job in having English taught in schools delivering a good percentage in the population with good English skills.
Kids in Guanacaste
Kids in Guanacaste

7. Peace: Costa Rica have not had any political unrest for more than 60 years now. We do not have an army and are neutral which makes it an extremely safe country.
8. Adventure: Costa Rica is where rainforest canopy tours were invented. We have aerial trams, jungle hanging bridges and some of the best rafting rivers in the World.
9.Weather: Being in the tropics Costa Rica doesn’t have the four seasons, it has an average temperature of 80°-90° F all year round.
10. Happiness: Costa Rica has been considered to be the happiest country in the Happy Planet Index, meaning that we are the happiest people with less need of resources to pay for that happiness. But this gets to our visitors. Participants feel it in every program… The best of Costa Rica is the friendliness and natural joy of Costa Ricans!

Source:  Premio DMC

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